Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets To Help You Eat Healthier

A Mandolin

  1. I absolutely LOVE my mandolin. I use it multiple times a week. It is GREAT for cutting up fruits and veggies FAST as well as grating anything you need grated…This takes SO MUCH TIME off of my prep time!
  2. Ninja Kitchen System

    My ninja kitchen system get’s used AT LEAST once a day! I can make shakes as well as process ANYTHING that needs processed and it’s super easy to clean!
  3. Food Processor

    f you aren’t ready to commit to the ENTIRE Ninja system at least invest in a good food processor! It makes mixing and kneading so much easier. Plus you can make salsas and salad dressings in it too!
  4. Handheld Juice Press

    his thing is AMAZING. It seems so simple but it gets ALL the juice out so I don’t have to use MULTIPLE lemons or limes! Which means you save money in the long run!
  5. HUGE Cutting Board

     used to try to just get by with a bunch of LITTLE cutting boards…once I invested in a HUGE one I won’t go back. I can have so many different foods going at once and I don’t have to dirty a bunch of bowls to store it until it’s time to cook because it all FITS!
  6. Handheld Spiralizer

    ow I will be honest, I don’t use mine a TON but it is definitely one I like to use when I can! It’s so fun to create noodles from healthy veggies! You can even run fruits through to make a fruit salad!
  7.  Steamer

    his thing is a life saver! I don’t have to fuss with different things in a pot of boiling water. I just put the food in, turn it on and that’s it! And the food tastes FANTASTIC!
  8.  OXO Green Savers

     am new to these! But they are amazing so far! I put all my greens in and if there is any sort of moisture, it goes to the bottom and the greens stay sitting out of it!
  9. Mini Rice Cooker

    Hopefully you are a better cook than I am but when I cook rice, it boils over EVERY SINGLE TIME. This handy dandy cooker cooks while you finish the rest of your prep and you aren’t constantly running to the stove because there is water coming out of the pot…or is that just me?
  10. Meal Prep Containers

    ast but not least THESE!! I prep all sorts of meals ahead of time and just plop them right into these containers! It’s so easy and it cuts down on the amount of dishes I use!

Hawaii Honeymoon Recap

In October we did our belated Honeymoon and I have had a ton of questions so I thought a blog would be the easiest way to share this!


We woke up at 3 am to make our flight to Dallas. Our flight was delayed because they needed someone to sign a book. Lucky us, since our flight was so early there were a TON of flights to Maui once we got to Dallas and our flight attendants had us rebooked before we even took off from Omaha! Once we landed we found some breakfast at DFW and then went and boarded our flight for Maui! That flight was a little long but you could tell everyone was just SOOO happy and so excited that it made it go fast! I also listened to Harry Potter so that made it even better! We even got a cute Hawaiian boxed lunch on our flight. Once we landed we walked out into the CRAZY WARM air (the airport is basically outside!) and got our luggage and followed the crowd to the rental car area.

SIDENOTE: We booked our entire trip through Costco travel which included the car rental. I would suggest renting a car so that you can be in control of where and when you go places 🙂

Once we picked our car we put or Hotel Lahaina Shores Beach Resort into the GPS and saw it was only 15 miles away! Then it took us almost an hour to get there! Be prepared for it to take much longer to get places than it seems like it will. There wasn’t a ton of traffic just slower speed limits and basically one road to get to Lahaina.

During check in the super awesome guy checking us in gave us some tips on where to grocery shop and where to eat that’s affordable! So we went to our beachside room which was amazingness dropped our stuff off and then headed out to get groceries (since we had a kitchen) and grab some food.  We had dinner at Aloha Mixed plate which I HIGHLY recommend. The food was amazing and super affordable. Plus we made it just in time for Happy Hour Mai Tais! Then we heeded to safeway for some food to stock the room. NOW be prepared for EXPENSIVE groceries. Like 6 dollars for bread expensive! We got the basics and a few frozen pizzas for nights when we just wanted to hang by the pool! Once we got back to our room I fell asleep…it was only 7:30

Day 2

Since we fell asleep so early on the first night we were up by 3 am and watched the sunrise from our balcony. Then I stretched my body out with some yoga in our room. We walked down the beach and saw the beautiful homes and businesses that are right there! We decided it would be a good morning to lay by the pool until Lahiana was open and then we wandered down the old streets of Lahaina. We ended up eating at a place called Captain Jacks which was good but nothing too special. We were told of this place to rent snorkel gear so Kenny did that since I am not into snorkeling we didn’t want to do an excursion. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon poolside and Kenny snorkeled off of the beach at our hotel. We had frozen pizza for dinner and listened to the luau next door before falling asleep.

Day 3

Today we got up early and walked the beach again and after I filmed my videos for my core challenge group, we headed to the North side of the island to see the blowhole and find some places for Kenny to snorkel! The blow hole is a spot where it randomly SHOOTS water near the beach! We didn’t get very close and I couldn’t really get any photos of it but the view was gorgeous.

After that we headed to a few beaches near Kaanapali that we were told had a lot of fun things to see when you snorkel…and Kenny got lucky! There was a HUGE sea turtle at one of them…when I say huge I mean bigger than Kenny and I huge! So that was neat, especially because I could see him from about knee deep water! The bad part of this was that Kenny watched a little long and ended up with an AWFUL sunburn. We ate lunch at this AMAZING mexican place! I wish I could remember the name!

That night we had a luau booked. Let me just say if you go to Hawaii you HAVE to do a Luau. You learn so much about the culture as well as you get to meet new people and have AMAZING food. When I say amazing I mean it’s the best food we had the ENTIRE trip! The bar was also open 😉 So that was super fun! Kenny’s favorite part was the fire dancing. The entire experience was amazing!

Day 4

On the 4th day we went on a submarine tour which I suggest if you are like me and don’t like to snorkel! I think we saw more than you can see snorkeling anyways! There was a coral reef, a sunken ship, and tons of fish! The rest of the day we laid by the pool and relaxed! For dinner we made reservations at a place called Kimo’s they had great food and an AMAZING desert ice cream cake!

Day 5

We got up early and loaded onto a bus for a guided tour of the Road to Hana.  It started with a breakfast in the marina at the Maui aquarium. Then we started our journey. The tour guide was so knowledgeable about the entire state of Hawaii and especially on Maui. We learned old stories of the island, where famous people live (Oprah has a ranch there!), and different types of foods and music popular in Maui. We ate at a very secluded restaurant in Hana. It was gorgeous and so peaceful. We had multiple stops at the black sand beaches, the 7 sacred pools, and other places that we beautiful! That night we just went back to our hotel had pizza and listened to the Luau that was next door! We loved opening up our glass doors and just listening to the sounds of the luau and the ocean.

Day 6

Today we made the trek up to Haleakala, the volcano on Maui. I have to admit…I kinda hated it. The trek up had me nervous the whole time, there weren’t many guardrails and it was really windy. The edge of the road was like the edge of a cliff. For me the anxiety of driving those roads wasn’t worth the view at the top. We didn’t make it during sunrise or sunset, maybe I would have felt different if we had. Once we made it down we hung out at the pool for a while and then headed to Aloha Mixed plate for our last Hawaiian Mai Tais! Afterwards we went back to the hotel and hung out in the pool until later that night. We met a lot of people who owned some of the condos in the hotel we were at. Maybe one day we will have one 😉

Day 7

We had the day before our flight at 10pm. We spent the day driving around the island and stopping at places we hadn’t been, including walmart 😉 We drove to the plantation and walked around. We went to a nature walk and walked the path and saw all sorts of birds. Then we went to Kehei and watched the sunset for one last time and then we headed to the airport. We turned in our car and got checked in (which was HECTIC!) then headed to our gate. We were exhausted!! We flew overnight to Phoenix and then on to Omaha and made it home the next day by 1.


Overall, we had an amazing trip! We hope to go back there one day (after experiencing some other places first) but I think it might be a place we head back to anytime we get a chance!

2016 Fit Girls Gift Guide


The season of giving is upon us! I have been DYING to put together a list of some of my favorite things and a Christmas Gift Guide seemed like the perfect time to share a few! I LOVE giving gifts to people ESPECIALLY gifts I know they will love. I am putting this guide together for you ladies to share with your friends and family as well as anyone who is in search for that PERFECT gift for the fit girl on their list! I tried my hardest to have both splurges and cost effective gifts! Happy Shopping!

PS If you click on the photos of each item it will take you right to the site to purchase!

  1. Hot Pink Bosu Ball
    Hot Pink Bosu

Bosu Balls aren’t only cute for your at home gym, they are also a great piece of equipment to add to your workouts. They can be used to improve your balance balance, core, and cardio workouts! You can literally take any fitness move to the next level with a bosu ball. The fit girl on your list will surely LOVE this gift!

2. Pink Parallettes
Parallettes are great for crossfitters as well as ladies who are working towards more upper body strength, HELLO that’s me! There are so many ways to do modified pull ups as well as dips with these! These also help strengthen your hands and wrists while protecting them from injury. Wrist pain is usually a major roadblock for anyone who is just beginning a yoga routine or anything that includes upper body strength. These help you get past the excuses and hit your goals!


3. Garmin Forerunner 35

The Garmin Forerunner 35 JUST came out and I am in LOVE! It has built-in GPS, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, vibration alerts, and much more. It is basically an activity tracker added in with your Garmin. As a runner I LOVE the idea of not having 2 separate things to wear as well as having a super accurate activity tracker! This is a SPLURGE but it will be oh so worth it!


4. Reebok Dance Strappy Sports Bra


I have seen a TON of fitness professionals in this sports bra and I am so in love! There are lots of us girls who love to sweat but want to look cute doing it and THIS is the perfect  sports bra for that!





5.  Goal Getter Fitspiration Journal


The Best way to reach your goals is to track them! I started tracking my fitness goals months ago in one of these and it has helped me tremendously! Not only do I THINK before I put food in my mouth (because I have to write it in here) but I also now take the time to have gratitude and reflect on each day!



6.  Go Stak


Obviously I would LOVE that hot pink one! These are great for fit girls on the go! As an online fitness coach who also works a full time corporate job, I would love to have access to all my supplements and vitamins through out the day without lugging around a ton of different containers! Can you say perfect secret santa gift?!
7. Cute Workout Tanks


I am a sucker for a graphic workout tank! You can find these all over the place but my favorite is chin up apparel because they have some of the cutest sayings as well as Mean Girls inspired tanks! These would be the BEST stocking stuffers!




8.  Yoga Blanket

These are still pretty new! But what I LOVE about them is that you can pack it up and take it anywhere without having a big rolled up yoga mat, as well as the fact that it won’t slip and slide like some yoga mats tend to do! This would be great for the yogi who loves to take her yoga practice outdoors!



9. The Universe Has Your Back


One of the most important things about a fitness journey is exercising your mind! This books JUST came out and is a great one for those fit girls who love to also have a fit mind. Since it’s so new she is also way less likely to have already read it 😉



10. OXO Goodgrips Green Savers


These are great for fit girls who bulk meal prep like I do. You can chop up your veggies, wash your lettuce and toss them in one of these knowing it will stay fresh!


11. Affirmators Affirmation Cards


These are my most recently life changer. I am learning to practice mindfulness and surrender to the universe. THESE have given me great affirmations to think about each day to remain on the path towards my goals. If you only buy ONE thing on this list, this is the one!!




12. Hot Pink Foam Roller

Us fit girls can’t resist the color pink…ok maybe that is just me 😉 anyways a foam roller is great for ANY fit girl. It helps loosen up those tired muscles and get you back into tip top shape!


13. PUSH

Any fit girl who is on track to getting their best bod ever also has tons of hopes and dreams. Chalene does an amazing job at teaching how to not only get that HOT BOD but also how to organize your personal and professional life. This books is a MUST HAVE for those fit girl girl bosses in your life!




14. Powerbeats Wireless 


I got my first pair of beats for running. Since then I have used them around the house as I do house work, to listen to podcasts during my workouts, and even to listen to books while I decorate my Christmas tree. These are by far one of the best things I have EVER splurged on!




15. S’well Bottle
fqq1ekipmasrlymyrfmwWho doesn’t want their water to stay the temperature they like? Not only are these s’well bottles SUPER cute they also are double insulated keeping your water, preworkout, or Shakeology at the temperature you like! These are great for girls on the go, which is ALL of us!




16.  Skinnytaste Fast & Slow Cookbook
Last but certainly not least the fit girls food bible. Yes I am calling this the food bible because it teaches the fundamentals of eating healthy AND has some of the most SCRUMPTIOUS recipes!

Why having a baby is NOT one of my goals


Lately it seems like anytime I post something on social media I get at least ONE comment about me having a baby. Today I decided it’s time to speak up. I usually make some comment back about how I’m not ready or it’s not the right time but frankly I am TIRED of that. When I post something on social media about how tired I am I do it with the intention of sharing how tired I am…not for someone to ask if I might be pregnant..because apparently ONLY pregnant girls are tired.

When did this become ok? When did it become ok to pressure women in their mid-late 20s to have a baby? The reason I ask is because it’s NOT ok. EVERY single day I see or hear of a story of a girl my age who has been secretly hiding that she is not able to have children. When I get comments about me having a baby, I can’t help but think, “How do you know I haven’t been trying everything?” “How do you know that I’m not secretly struggling because nothing seems to be working?” “How do you know I’m not yearning to have a baby but I can’t?”

You see, I have very close friends who go through this every day. They have been trying for years and nothing…Do you ever stop to think how bringing something like this up might HURT someone who is in the middle of a deep struggle like this?

I will NEVER add having a baby to my to-do list or listed as one of my life goals because what if it isn’t in the cards for me? My goals are a list of things I want to accomplish and I know I can. I have no idea if a baby is something I can create with my husband. Sure, if it doesn’t happen it will be sad no matter what BUT having that as something I can’t check off the list makes it that much worse. It just stays on the list forever staring at you reminding you that you couldn’t do it.

No matter how much work you do on yourself being constantly asked about when you plan to have kids or if it’s in the works really wears you down. It’s such an exciting time between you and your partner and it’s something that should be kept special. If/when that time is right for my husband and I, we MIGHT tell some people close to us but most likely the social media world will be the last to know.

I hated my wedding


Can I share a HUGE secret with you. I hated my wedding.

I hated the attention everyone wanted to give me. I hated the idea that when you go dress shopping EVERYONE wanted to go. I hated that when you found a dress you were supposed to ring a bell so the whole store could look at you. I hated the idea of cutting a cake and smashing it in my new husband’s face. I hated the idea of a bouquet and garter toss (I literally would hide when I was the single girl at other weddings) I hated the idea of lighting a unity candle and awkwardly standing there while the random song you chose to play then finished. I hated the staged photos at the front of the church. I hated that I was expected to talk in front of everyone. I hated that we had to dance in front of everyone all alone (It might have looked like we were talking and enjoying it but I was literally telling my husband through gritted teeth that I needed that moment to end). I hated all the events leading up to it. I hated feeling like doing what I wanted was letting others down. I hated that it hurt people’s feeling so much to not be included in something I wanted to do on my own. I hated that so many people wanted me to do things THEIR way. I hate that people want to buy you decorations for your house, when you don’t even have your house decorated because you spent so much time planning a wedding. I seriously hated the invitations. I hate now that it’s over I am constantly bombarded about sharing the photos. I hate that I am constantly asked about our honeymoon and when we will take one. 

I NEVER thought I would hate the entire wedding process until a day or 2 after I got engaged. I quickly realized that this wedding actually had nothing to do with me or my husband. We were pulled in so many directions and it was really not fun at all. We spent countless days and hours trying to figure out how to make everyone happy.

You see, something you might not know about me from looking at my website or my facebook page is that I am particular. I like things done a certain way and at a certain time. I plan things down to the dot….which you think would go perfect for planning an event like a wedding. It actually was the opposite. Besides my parents and my husband and maybe a couple of my best friends and those who lived with me in college, no one really knows about this trait I have. Most people think I am a little more go with the flow than I REALLY am mostly because I have this other trait, too, where I don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings. I usually put my own happiness behind others so that they can feel good because I know I can handle just sucking things up for a bit.

To get through the entire process I was almost secretive about every detail. I went and got my dress with only my mom and my cousin. I put it on hold so that my mom could go back and buy it the next day so I didn’t have to ring the bell. I called my sister to help me make sure it was the one I wanted but besides that, no one even knew I already had bought a dress by then. I didn’t have a cake, that way there was no push to cut the damn cake in front of everyone. I got rid of the bouquet and garter toss. I honestly don’t think anyone noticed that we skipped those things. Instead of picking some random church song to walk down the aisle too, I found youtube songs and had someone play them at the church. We nixed the unity candle/unity sand crap. I mean what in the world do you even do with that when you are done with it anyways? Put it in storage? In 20 years whatever I chose as decoration from that would be outdated anyways. I sucked it up through some of the other things, speeches, the first dance, etc. I let my family throw me a shower and had my mom make sure there were no weird games and we kept it low key. I didn’t have a bachelorette party.  I might make a slideshow to share on facebook closer to our one year anniversary but I don’t EVER plan to just upload my thousands of photos to facebook. ONE DAY we might go on a Honeymoon but until then we both work hard to enjoy everyday. Neither of us want to live a life we NEED a vacation from.

If I could go back and redo it…I would probably go even more extreme. I would have loved to have nixed the first dance all together and maybe even make the ceremony more private with just a fun laid back reception. I would love to have been able to spend MORE time with our friends who traveled so far for us….I am pretty sure that was my FAVORITE part of the entire thing…seeing my long distance friends.

Maybe one day I will understand why some girls like all of that attention but today is not that day. It feels fake and phony and not true to who I am and I am glad for the most part I stuck to being me. I guess where I am going with this post is if you know a girl like me or you ARE a girl like me, just let them be themselves. Don’t force the traditional wedding traditions on them and don’t force them to be the center of attention when they don’t want to be. Remember that this is a special day for her and her new husband not for you, whoever you are. Embrace her and her uniqueness and let her be her for one day.


A Timeline of my Journey


Have you looked at that number on the scale and felt discouraged? I know I have…I wanted to share something with you. I get scared to share actual numbers because I have been critisized for that number but here it goes a little transparency!
Let me take you back to Age 19. I just got to college, I ate anything and everything. I had been a very competitive athlete in highschool…but I was around a lot of girls who were obsessed with their weight. I had NEVER experienced that and I didn’t like it one bit. SOO I did the opposite I rarely worked out and if I did…I didn’t tell people. I hated seeing girls doing cardio cardio cardio trying to loose weight or going on brown rice diets or grape fruit diets. College seems to be the place girls try all these insane diets that DON’T work!
Age 24 I was drinking 64+ ounces of Dr. Pepper daily, I was having fast food more than once a day and I was working a desk job. I was so unhappy with myself I would wear clothes that would cover me as best as possible! I couldn’t handle how I looked. So I started doing Jillian Michael’s workouts.
Age 25 The day I became a coach. I had lost all the weight between Jillian Michaels THEN finding my love of Turbofire again and learning how to eat clean and drink Shakeology. I was not interested in weights or building muscle I was still obsessed with that NUMBER.
Age 26 I decided to do Insanity Max:30 and it changed my life….Cardio no longer was my go to! Now I realized I loved body weight workouts and feeling like a BADASS! It is fun to push my body to it’s limits!
Age 27 I discovered weight training, I have run multiple half marathons and countless other races. I totally understand nutrition. I think it’s safe to say I am now at 27 an official athlete! YES you can be an athlete without being on a team!
I really wanted to share a timeline of MY journey in hopes that it helps someone else see that you CAN change and that NUMBER doesn’t matter! It’s a great way to gauge your weightloss but once you reach a certain point…you should use the way you FEEL! I also am a fan of selfies🙂 🙂 Before you FREAK about the scale going up think about HOW you FEEL and how you LOOK! How do your clothes fit???

The GREAT Carb Debate


I have seen this NO CARB trend starting up again. I thought we put that myth behind us?! Yes, Yes, I know a bunch of bread and cakes aren’t good and do aid in weight gain…but this idea that FRUIT is bad and things like Sweet Potatoes are bad because they have carbs is just not the truth.
The “diets” that promote this are just that DIETS they aren’t promoting a healthy LIFESTYLE. You have to create a sustainable way of eating because if you choose an END point that is when you END your healthy self.
You WANT the carbs that are complex. Those are the carbs that are found in fruit, veggies, whole grains, beans, etc. You want to avoid simple carbs which are found in pop, sugar, and candy. It really is that simple!
To give you an example, each day I count my servings NOT my carbs or calories…I go by color. I eat 4 greens (veggies), 2-3 purples (fruit), and 2 yellows (COMPLEX carbs). To achieve OPTIMAL healthy you just can’t cut all your carbs. It might give you a fast weight loss but trust me…it will come back.

STOP the Skinny Shaming

download (1) (1)

“you know you don’t need that Shakeology, you are already skinny.”
“I don’t know why you workout, your skinny, you don’t need to workout”
“Why are you on a diet? You are already so skinny.”
“Why would you do the Whole30, your just so skinny already”
“Here eat some more, you need to eat more, you are so skinny.”
Can we PLEASE stop the skinny shaming?! I haven’t gotten onto my skinny shaming soap box in a while and some really awful things have been said to me or to my other “skinny” friends.
First of all, skinny does not equal healthy. Can we all agree on that? I weighed a whopping 108 pounds the day I walked into college and my diet consisted of LOTS of Dr. Pepper, Pizza, anything greasy, and lots of fried stuff. I can tell you, that is NOT the picture of health…but I sure was skinny! I had headaches, I had stomachaches, I got sick easily, I felt tired a lot…all of this can be attributed to my diet.
The reason a lot of us “skinny” girls clean up our diet has nothing to do with the number on the scale or how we look…it 99% of the time has to do with how we FEEL. I, personally, feel awful when I eat bad food. Like stomachaches, headaches, I can’t focus, I feel so tired like I could fall asleep at anytime, just really not good.
No matter what size you are, you can still benefit from proper nutrition and exercise! In fact, it feels downright empowering for any woman at any size to get her workout done! Let’s all take a step back and before we say ANYTHING about another woman’s eating habits, size, or workout routine to stop and think…and decide to say something KIND and EMPOWERING!
Ok I am stepping down from my soapbox. Happy Thursday Friends!

How to choose a protein powder


“What should I be looking for in a Meal Replacement/Protein shake?”
I get asked this question SOO often…The answer is ONE THING…INGREDIENTS!
Just like your food, you NEED to check those shake ingredients. Do you see something like sucralose or aspartame? Is the word soy or soy lecithin listed? If it is you are better off not drinking any sort of shake. Those ingredients alone can undo all of your hardwork.
Artificial Sweeteners are linked to all sorts of bad things…do some research on them and you can decide for YOURSELF if they are something you want to put into your body regularly.
Soy has something called phytoestrogen in it. These behave like estrogen in your body. While the overall research on soy products is inconsistent. I just don’t think that messing with my hormone balance is worth a daily shake.

Recommended Podcasts for Beachbody Coaches and Entrepreneurs

I seriously LOVE podcasts. I love streaming them through my car on my commutes. I commute 30 minutes each way to and from work so I get to listen to a full hour AT LEAST each day! I also have invested in a shower speaker…so guess what that means! MORE podcasts while I get ready for my day! SOOO Perfect! I have been asked so many times what podcasts I listen to…So here is my list! If you click the Title of the Podcast it will take you right to the podcast’s website 🙂 I hope these help you as much as they have helped me!

PS I use an app for my Galaxy called Podcast Republic from the Google Play store 🙂

Team Beachbody Coach


The Jillian Michaels Show

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The Chalene Show

Inside Shakeology Podcast

The Introvert Entrepreneur

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Online Marketing Made Easy

Trust and Believe with Shaun T

The School of Greatness

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts

Seth Godin’s Startup School

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Your Kick Ass Life Podcast

The EntreLeadership Podcast

League of Extraordinary Introverts

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#girlboss radio

The Coach Jenny Show

Meditation Minis Podcast

10% Happier with Dan Harris

Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

Startup Camp

This Life With Dr. Drew and Bob

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